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Google vs. Bing? Seriously?

I’ve been seeing a commercial popup online during shows. Not altogether an out of the ordinary thing, but its was about Google vs Bing, and which was the better search engine. The first time I saw it I thought “Google, … Continue reading

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Batteries can swell?

That was my first question after I searched for the cause of my troubles today. You see, this morning my keyboard and trackpad on my Macbook Pro started to respond strangely. Keys wouldn’t work and the trackpad was malfunctioning. Also, … Continue reading

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Apple Cares?

So it turns out that, after having my screen replaced in my Mac Book Pro once already, I have to get it replaced again. I am, to say the least, a little cheesed at Apple support at the moment. The … Continue reading

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Technically Family

You know, I always find it weird when a family member contacts me via MySpace, Facebook or Twitter asking to friend them. I mean, I seemed to be the technically inclined one in the family; messing with computers, taking apart … Continue reading

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Popcap Games = Awesome

Here is a happy story about the customer service folks. They get a lot of bad press, but these folks are really quite amazing. I know that a lot of people like Popcap games. They are fun. Ridiculously fun. One … Continue reading

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Yes, I am a man (so says this website)

So my friend pointed out a website called Gender Analyzer ( Not sure how he found it but its pretty interesting nontheless. If you plug in my blog (linky) it says its 71% sure that its written by a man. … Continue reading

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Bot Lab Launch-eth

So I was helping out my friend Jennifer with a CSS issue (lightbox was being dunb on IE) when I actually stopped and checked out the site it was for. Bot-Lab it is called. And it looks really nifty. Basically, … Continue reading

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