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Bot Lab Launch-eth

So I was helping out my friend Jennifer with a CSS issue (lightbox was being dunb on IE) when I actually stopped and checked out the site it was for. Bot-Lab it is called. And it looks really nifty. Basically, … Continue reading

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New Macbook: Just hot Air?

So I was one of the millions of people who weren’t lucky enough to be able to go to Macworld. As such, I was constantly hitting the refresh button on my browser so I could get the latest of what … Continue reading

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Steampunk Lightsaber

This is just too cool not to share with as many people as I can. Im a fan of the Steampunk style and a fan of Star Wars, so when I came across this I just has to rave about … Continue reading

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Stuff I want in my house: metal cabinets

Now I normally don’t succumb to the outside pressure of “this is what is manly and you are a man to have it” type of crap, but this really caught my eye as it goes with what I want in … Continue reading

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Etch-A-Sketch Artist

I just came across this story on digg about an etch-a-sketch artist. At first I was like “how good could it be?” until I actually got to the site. The first one I saw was an image of Bioshock … Continue reading

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Amazing. This is not a photo.

This was truly awe inspiring. I really thought it was a photo until the author described and provided screenshots for the steps and used. I am really wishing I paid more attention in art class now. Full article link is … Continue reading

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No freaking clue

I made this wallpaper out of boredom and a need to do something in vector. Hope you dig it as much as i do.

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Say hello to my 2 dimensional friend!

I won tickets to a party 800 miles away, so I knew I wouldn’t be going in person. So I made this illustrator version of me. Then I went to Kinkos and printed out a 6′ by 2′ poster and … Continue reading

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BB Studios Wallpaper contest entry

Here is a wallpaper I did for a contest on the Billy Bussey forum. The theme was “BB Studios Explosion” and this was my entry. I won tickets to the BB studios premeir party and a t-shirt. Still waiting on … Continue reading

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Flash Forward 2004 pics

Here are a few pics form the FF04 conference. I lost a bunch from a bungle at the photo hut. CLICK HERE NOW I’m still pissed about my pics getting botched. I emailed 5 people we were hanging out with … Continue reading

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