Google vs. Bing? Seriously?

I’ve been seeing a commercial popup online during shows. Not altogether an out of the ordinary thing, but its was about Google vs Bing, and which was the better search engine.

The first time I saw it I thought “Google, duh.” But then people in the commercial were ‘surprised’ to learn that they were using Bing. My wife asked me “What is Bing?”, to which I replied “It’s Microsofts’ search engine”. She then asked “When did they make a search engine?”. To that I had no idea how to reply, because, honestly, I still don’t think they did. They could have bought one along the way, but ‘making’ things seems to be beyond MS’s ability nowadays.

And, really, it isn’t that good. Search for something recent, say “2012 election results”. On Bing, the first thing to show up are articles on and Bing News. Then some other stories. Then, half way down the page, you get some basic results. Search for the same on Google and you get the results at the top (and in a much nicer to look at format), and then you get results for articles from major news sources like WSJ and USA Today. So far, Google shows you what you want. Simple as that. That is why they always win.

And, for those who think “Well, Bing is pretty new to the game”, I say check again. Its been around for over 3 years (data goes back to June 2009). In that time they should have been able to get a larger share of the market if they were actually better to use and/or provided something Google does not.

Here is a graph that has tracked this data for the last few years. Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share

So, it seems that Bing has, at the least, taken out some smaller search engines, but has yet to take any significant chunk from Google. So, yea, keep trying with those commercials Microsoft, but be aware that the only people making money off of them are your ad agencies.

To wrap this up, let me say that I am not anti-Microsoft. I am a big fan of XP and still use it to this day. I just don’t see why they can’t just make an operating system and be good at that, rather then spend time, money, and resources developing something that hardly anyone uses.

Plus, I find Ballmer a little repulsive. Dudes’ head looks like Stewie from Family Guy, only a little more cartoonish.


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