Tree House, Act 1

So this weekend we (that is to say, I) started on our kids tree house. I ordered the lumber and it was delivered last Tuesday and we were all set to go. Then on Thursday while were out to dinner, my wife goes over how I’m building it again.

Her thing was that she couldn’t see all the builer-y type things that I was talking about. So we drew it out again; and its a good thing we did. I was adding full walls to the treehouse and she reminded me that were going with half walls to make it more fort like. This was fine with me because my only condition was that it actually be in a tree.

Anyways, after some more sketching we had our plan. That is to say, she said “build this” and I said “O.K.”. Here now are some pics for your enjoyment.

I got wood.

A sturdy Cedar tree.

And so it begins.

First brace in place.

Some more progress.

Joists are all in now. Heavy stuff.

Starting on the floor.

Thats what I have so far accomplished over the weekend. I was also able to finish tacking down the floor but got rained out before I got a chance to trim the ends. Next steps are starting on the walls and roof rafters which should go pretty smoothly. I’ll post more pics when the sun comes out again.

So what do you think? Pretty cool, huh?

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