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Tree House, Act 1

So this weekend we (that is to say, I) started on our kids tree house. I ordered the lumber and it was delivered last Tuesday and we were all set to go. Then on Thursday while were out to dinner, … Continue reading

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Go Climb A Tree

You know, sometimes I forget some of the more awesome things about being a parent. A lot of times, parents get so bogged down with the meal preparation, clothes buying, teeth brushing, tucking in, story reading, bath time, dinner times, … Continue reading

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Get Your Game On

I recently finished the new site for my friendly local gaming store (FLGS for short), Knightfall Games. A huge step up from their old site, the new site is rife with content and events that are happening in the shop and around the area. Their Twitter and Facebook feeds are tied into the shop as well to encourage customers to come in and, well, game (it is a game store after all). Continue reading

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So GoDaddy, you say?

Yes, I have switched over all my hosting to GoDaddy hosting. It is far cheeper then running my own server. Also, since I was not at all comfortable editing base system files through a terminal window, this will prove to … Continue reading

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