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Popcap Games = Awesome

Here is a happy story about the customer service folks. They get a lot of bad press, but these folks are really quite amazing. I know that a lot of people like Popcap games. They are fun. Ridiculously fun. One … Continue reading

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Yes, I am a man (so says this website)

So my friend pointed out a website called Gender Analyzer ( Not sure how he found it but its pretty interesting nontheless. If you plug in my blog (linky) it says its 71% sure that its written by a man. … Continue reading

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All The Kings Horses

Don’t ask me what’s with the title, I just thought it sounded neat (plus I always wanted to start with a title like that, so there). Hopefully this will be my last political rant (yay) if/when the new president does … Continue reading

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President-Elect Obama

I think that has a nice ring to it. My wife and I were watching on the CNN website as the poll data started coming in. Aside from the slight anxiety we felt over whether or not Obama was going … Continue reading

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Election Day ’08

Its election day in the United States. And on this important day, I have only a short message to say. Dear America, Please don’t screw this up. – Thank You

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