Pauls Rants is back (finally)

After a long hiatus, and a lot of sweat and tears getting WP 2.6.2 working on this blog, I can (mostly) safely say that this blog is back up and running.

I know it doesn’t look much different but believe me, there is some really cool shit on the back end and I can enjoy it (instead of curse it) now that its working.

For those of you that are also updating to the latest and greatest WordPress install, I can offer come very useful tidbits of information. I moved this blog from one site to another so info is based generally around that.

  • Take a full backup of you existing site. You’ll need it.
  • Start with a clean install of you can. Don’t add anything, even templates and especially plugins, that isn’t part of the install package from WP.
  • Permissions. Enable them for as few folders as possible. Since I host with Media Temple (they use Cent OS) everything I uploaded had no permissions set so I ended up staring at a blank site for 10 minutes. After permissions are set (usually 775 is needed to get it going) its smooth sailing.
  • Importing is a gem. From your old site use the default WP export button. This is very easy and will be great for importing. However, when importing DO NOT import the attachments. This will kill your import after 30 or 40 posts. Instead, export from the old site, modify the XML file and replace the old site URL with the new site URL, copy over everything from your old wp-content/uploads folder into the new site, then import the XML file into the new site. I used Dreamweaver to edit the file but anything that can handle a potentially 2 meg large file will do.
  • Wash, rinse. If you have to repeat, you weren’t paying attention.

Now that the site is back up I can start re-publishing all the posts that were lost during the last 2 months or so. I’ve been pretty busy with work and side projects and have lots to report, including my sons front teeth coming out, but that’s for another post.


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