Bot Lab Launch-eth

So I was helping out my friend Jennifer with a CSS issue (lightbox was being dunb on IE) when I actually stopped and checked out the site it was for. Bot-Lab it is called. And it looks really nifty.

Basically, a group of folks gets together (in the Seattle area for now) for a tinker day and make interesting things. So far they have done some screen printing, made some nifty artsy lights, and a couple of other things that are interesting curiosities. Makes me a little sad I don’t live up there any more.

Anyways, they have a new event happening soon where they are going to make some Fireflys (lights in the window that are solar powered and light sensitive so they go on when its dark). I keep asking for her to have another tinker day in the Portland area so if you are here also let her know.

You can check out the calendar for more information on it.

OK. Back to my cave I go.


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