Nike Youth Triathlon

Since my wife works at Nike (bonus) she gets access to all these really nifty things. Yes, she gets cool clothes and shoes and such, but mostly its the Nike events we like.

And so it happens we have a very energetic 6 year old boy and Nike has a Youth Triathlon planned. Convienent timing for sure. We told him about it and he was all fired up to do it.

The race was 2 laps in the olympic size pool, a 1.5 mile bike ride, and a half mile run. I thought this was a lot for a 6 year old but it turns out I was wrong (which often happens when I think). During the pool section he was in the middle of the pack and doing well. He sprinted out to his bike and took a bit longer than I though was needed to change into his shirt and shoes and get going, but he was off in good time.

I didn’t see the bike portion because it went all the way aroung campus but I was there at the second change point to see him off to his run. It was 2 laps around the olympic track (are you spotting a theme here) and on the second lap he kinda half-walked half-strutted, but still did really well (somewhere in the middle i think). They didnt have a first or second place, but each participant got a really nice bronze medal (solid bronze) with the youth games insignia on it.

I can’t say when I’ve been more stoked to be his dad. We were so proud of him I irritated my coworkers when I told them. As a treat (and because we were planning on it) we got him a Nintendo DS since he was asking for like 6 months. All in all it was a great day to be him. Pictures after the jump.

– Cheers

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