ASP Tag Cloud Niftiness

Since I created the ASP Tag Cloud function, a get a few emails a month asking questions about it. Most of the time its folks starting out wondering how to implement it, or some other developers wondering why I used this method instead of others available, and so on.

I usually help out those who ask  for help (hey, we are a community after all) and generally everything is rather nifty. However, one person, Scott, emailed me one day asking about limiting the results to only popular tags and as usual I replied with my ideas on how to do it.

He replied back thanking me and told me the sites he uses it on. I was rather taken aback when he told me that it was he podcasting sites for the US Geological Survey ( and and that he was creating another image gallery site that also uses my tag cloud function.

And, to those who know me; yes, I patted myself on the back a bit at this news. :)

Now some people would say “Big deal, my shit’s seen by millions of people every day”. To those blokes, I say “Fecalphelia is a curable disease so seek help”.

For me, though, in my little corner of the internet, I’m quite please to know that someone else uses my code in a useful way on a popular site instead of just cataloging the various tags used on adult sites (yes, I get emailed about this and no, I will not post links to them). The sites its used on are pretty sweet since I visit them on a somewhat irregular basis (hey, I’m no geologist now) and it does make it far easier to find popular articles. Check them out when you get a sec.

Thanks to Scott for letting me know how he uses the function. If you use the function let me know. If you have questions about it it also let me know by comment or email.


P.S. – To all those that tell me that its wrong to steal the bubble sort function, I will email the person in the next cubicle and tell them to hold you head in the toilet until the bubbles stop. I gave credit to them. Please read the code instead of blindly copy/pasting. – Thanks, Paul

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