Too much of a good thing?

With work and family I find that my time of late has been rather limited.

It was not so very long ago that I was trolling Craigs list looking for contract work to supplement my income. With my wife working back at Nike (and me going back to the at-home-dad role) I find that I am inundated with emails with requests for work. Stuff like “whats this error” to “I need a website”. I can do the work, but the questions becomes where I will find the time to do it?

My work projects are a little behind (some of which is my fault (ok, most of it probably)) so I have been telling folks that I simply can’t. And even though I know this is the best thing to do since I don’t need any more stress, I can’t help but feel like I am passing up opportunities that would help my situation in the long run.

So I guess the question really is this: who do I piss off?

Do I piss off my boss for the projects that will inevitably be late because of my taking on personal projects? Or do I piss off clients and potential clients by saying that their projects are not worth the time?

I guess really the question, like so many others, is an academic one as I have to get back to work. However, if anyone has any suggestions about my situation (and yes, even ones from you PersonalLumbergBaby are accepted) please leave a comment.

And if you need a website, please HESITATE to ask.


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