So this is where my socks are

OK. Its been a while (a month to be precise) but I have been busy with work and family stuff. So tough.

Its also, in about 15 hours, my birthday (hooray!). Since we have limited time we have to split up the fun into two days. Today we did presents (my son was extremely excited to give me a Lego fire truck) and we are doing cake tonight. Tomorrow my wife and I are going out for dinner (on my actual b-day) so a swanky place (sweet).

Other than that I am trying to finish some projects before my yearly review. It doesn’t help to have a bunch of late items when going for more money/benefits/company jet, so hopefully I can finish them in short order.

Also, is going to be up soon. And soon as in actually soon, not soon as in the Urban Dictionary definition.


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