Kitten goodness

So after a few stressfull months of work, my wife thought it would be a neat idea to give me a present.

And so it happened the other day that we were driving dow. To one of her friends house to pick up it present. She tried to keep me in suspense but I ended up guessing where we were going.
To pick up a brand new kitten that I have been wanting for a long time.

Her friend take in strays and after a vet visit they are put up for sale. There were a number of them there but one stood out from the others. A cute little grey stripes ball of fluff that was just begging to be taken home.

“I shall call him Tom” I decreed. And so it was done.

I can’t say how groovy it is that she would do that for me. And even though she said she hates cats, I can tell that she was digging Tom to.
And now for some pics.

– Cheers

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