Taxing Taxes

My wife and I just filed our taxes today. Damn, was it ever a chore. I mean, we had like 3 W2 forms and a thing from the daycare. After logging into the H&R Block site we had to keep hitting next for like…3 minutes.

Sure, it importing all our info from last year saved some time, but we had to fill in the new amounts for stuff which took like 10 minutes. Then another 10 minutes finding a check so that the government could direct deposit out phat 5 figure return into our accounts in the Caymen Islands.

What a hassle.

Not to mention the fact that it took like over an hour after we were done with the HR Block site to tell us our returns were transmitted and accepted. On a Saturday no less.  I’m just upset that I missed almost half an episode of Stargate to do our taxes, so sorry if I sound a little annoyed.

And if you believed even a word of what I just said, I have a whole barn full of unicorns I’ll sell you for only 30 pieces of leprechaun’s gold. You could probably make it tax deductible if you try.


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