Genius Bar blues

OK, so it wasn’t really the blues, but it could have easily turned into it.

I went to the local Apple store Genius Bar to get some tech support. Apparently one of my two darling children got a little excited about a movie or something and a couple of the keys became stuck and offset.

Now, I have a “no touching dads computers” rule in the house, but I can start a show for them (iTunes has Looney Tunes you know) and take care of some things while they watch. While I was tending to my flu-stricken wife, there was some yelling and screaming and as a result I took the computer away. It wasn’t until later that I realized that some of the keys were messed up.

So, nearly in tears, I called Apple support. They said take it in and if its serious they would have to keep it for up to 14 days (wtf!?). So I took it in this afternoon and waited for my name to be called. When I got up to the bar I explained the problem and the Apple genius said “Well lets take a look”.

He then proceeded to pop the affected keys off in quick succession. This alone gave me a start but then he popped some more stuff off and then some more. Finally he caught site of my horror stricken face and said “Sorry. I should have probably warned you I was going to do that.”

No shit, Sherlock.

After the initial shock of seeing a $4 thousand machine recklessly taken apart, the rest of the session went OK. Turned out that the little white springs under the keys became unaligned and just had to be tweaked back into place. All told, took about 10 minutes total.

I thanked the guy and speedily headed out the door, Macbook Pro now intact, hoping never again to have to go in there.

I’m glad they are there to help with the consumers Apple problems big and small, even though I thought the guy could have given a warning before the fact, so I can’t really complain (which I’m not), so there you go.

And if any of the above doesn’t make sense, then tough. I have a splitting headache now thanks to watching too many shows on iTunes, which will be the subject of my next rant.


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