Diminishing Hopes

After viewing the caucuses results so far, I must say that I am not very happy with where my choice, Ron Paul, is standing.

Garnering less then 15% at any given race, it seems that either the campaign managers are lousy at their jobs, or that the voters of this great country are blind. Or possibly both if the last person I talked politics with is any indication.

The Republican nomination has dwindled from 9 to now 3 candidates, Paul among them, but he is still performing only marginally better then the start. Huckabee and McCain are duking it out for the lead but I wouldn’t trust them to run a bake sale, much less our country. And as far as the Democrats are concerned, I really hope that Obama wins if Paul is out of the running, but I am still going to be working to see Paul in office.

For those few who know me, you know I hate politics so you can understand the gravity of the above statement. I will seriously do what I can to help out. Who knows, perhaps another Republican candidate will drop and the other will come ill or something. Then it will only be Paul to take the nomination.

Until that hope comes about, I’ll just keep to good old fashion campaigning.


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