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Genius Bar blues

OK, so it wasn’t really the blues, but it could have easily turned into it. I went to the local Apple store Genius Bar to get some tech support. Apparently one of my two darling children got a little excited … Continue reading

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Pauls Rants is coming

So I am finally moving this wonderful little distraction onto its own domain now. In the next few days will be the new home for this blog.  You can update if you feel like it. -Cheers

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Planet Earth

My sister-in-law received the entire Planet Earth series from the BBC for Christmas this year. She loaned them to us as she doesn’t have a DVD player and because she thought we might like them. She was right. I have … Continue reading

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Inhabitat » Artificial Energy Islands Could Power The World

To supply the world with energy, this idea is certainly one of the best I have seen. I would love to see this idea come into being and perhaps even have an ‘energy island’ or two off the coast here … Continue reading

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Diminishing Hopes

After viewing the caucuses results so far, I must say that I am not very happy with where my choice, Ron Paul, is standing. Garnering less then 15% at any given race, it seems that either the campaign managers are … Continue reading

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Game reviews by Yahtzee

For a truly humorous review on the most popular video games, check out The Escapist mag reviewer Yahtzee below. -Cheers

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Ron Paul for President

You know why I like Ron Paul? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because he does not scare the shit out of me whenever he speaks. Because he is a likable guy (so likable that I just donated another $5, which … Continue reading

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Taxing Taxes

My wife and I just filed our taxes today. Damn, was it ever a chore. I mean, we had like 3 W2 forms and a thing from the daycare. After logging into the H&R Block site we had to keep … Continue reading

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Thats about the only thing I feel at the moment. Since this big project I’m working on is almost done the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll. However, there are some bright spots. … I can’t name … Continue reading

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