Wireless headsets galore, oh my!

A few days ago I saw a guy sitting in a car with a bluetooth headset on. He seemed a normal middle aged dude. Just sitting there. Not talking that I could see, just sitting outside a Hollywood video waiting for someone inside.

I think see someone exit the store as I approach, also with a headset. This person, a younger man, seemed to be talking to his companion but it may be that he was chatting about something to someone on the phone. This is not the first time this phenomenon has come across my path.

In this ever increasing world of connected-ness to technology and the pressure to stay informed, it seems that we have, as a technological society, come to want to mimic air traffic controllers in our everyday lives. The number of folks young and old I see walking around with these things is only going up, whether they actually use them or not.

Some people would be greatly assisted by these annoying devices; such as those in a busy office or a driving job where communication is key. Or, as previously stated, if one was an air traffic controller. But for the rest of you who spend upwards of $200 for this bit of techno-bling, you forgot to ask yourselves the very basic question; Will my vapid existence be given new light if I only appear to be an on-the-go techno-enthusiast?

The answer, if you have not already guessed, is no. No, it won’t. I don’t care if Paris Hilton has a diamond encrusted Motorola jobbie, if you are already too lazy to reach into your pocket or purse to pick up the phone, then you are probably too lazy to lift your hand to your ear to puch the on button.

And while I’m on the subject of girls sporting these ear obscenities, here is a tip: unless you are working in a club as the glory-hole chick and simultaneously working as a phone sex operator, you do not need one of these. Save those dollars for your next terms college tuition.

And guys, and you know who you are, you are no exception to the above statement. There are few jobs that require you to have a wireless headset. And if you really need one, your work will provide one to you. Unless you are really that unsure of yourself in this techno world. In that eventuallity, I’m having a 2-for-1 sale in my eBay store on headsets.


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