Some Entertainment

I just finished watching season 5 of Red vs Blue from Rooster Teeth. I’ll be brief in my synopsis.

Immensely. Fucking. Funny.

I was laughing so hard I woke up my son. To whom I gave a glass of water and tucked back in before resuming watching at a quieter level.  3 years this has been going on and the fans are always rabid for the next show. I myself have forked over the membership fee to get the high rez versions (and for those who know what a cheap bastard I am, this is monumental).

One of the great things is the music that was provided by Trocadero. The song “Blood Gulch Blues” is catchy and worthy of hitting the repeat button for. Check out the band to see all the other tunes they have available. The rest of their songs are equally enjoyable.

If you are a fan of Halo, hell even if you aren’t, you have to view this series. Random low rez versions are available but if you want you can also get the DVDs of the series, along with a shirt from the store (I got the “I Like Me” one; watch the show to get what it means)

In closing, I just want to say the following to get you interested:

Cockbite. Chupathingy. Team-killing-fucktard.


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