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New Macbook: Just hot Air?

So I was one of the millions of people who weren’t lucky enough to be able to go to Macworld. As such, I was constantly hitting the refresh button on my browser so I could get the latest of what … Continue reading

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Are you a blogging whore?

In the current evolution of the “make money without working” generation, a lot of people have turned to blogging for money as a way to earn some cash. They spend a good deal of the day on the internet already … Continue reading

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Financial Faith

Hey, everyone need some help sometimes. And the primary means of help giving falls under one thing: money. Yes folks, just cold hard cash. Its often looked upon as the root of all evil but you know what, evil or … Continue reading

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And the ‘DUH’ award goes too…

I had a totally “what the bloody hell was I thinking” moment today. I was on my way to archery practice as normal. I got to thinking about a project I was trying to get started and sorta lost track … Continue reading

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Sight for the (nearly) blind

As some of you know (yea right, none of you blokes know) I occasionally need to put on the spectacles in order to see anything more than a foot away. The doctor said its from staring at the computer for … Continue reading

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From Here to There

You know, the web developer in me often wants to lash out (in a fun way) at the users. Something like rude error messages such as “You forgot you freaking name?! How lame”. But one of the more fun things … Continue reading

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No help for anyone

Now this is just plain disturbing. If I really was considering doing the do, this would be the clincher for me. -Cheers

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More power, Scotty!

As it often happens, technology has once again fizzed out under the uses I put it to. My cellphone battery is about to die completely. It will barley hold a charge for most of a day before I have to … Continue reading

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Speed Sucks

On the way to our snowy vacation, as my luck would have it, I got pulled over for speeding. This pisses me off. Now, I was going above the speed limit. Well above it in fact. I was in the … Continue reading

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Just my luck

It would be just my luck that these things happen. As I said previously, my wife bought me the Valve Orange Box for christmas. I thought this was the best thing. I immediately started downloading (as she just gave me … Continue reading

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