New Macbook: Just hot Air?

So I was one of the millions of people who weren’t lucky enough to be able to go to Macworld. As such, I was constantly hitting the refresh button on my browser so I could get the latest of what was happening from those who were posting blow by blow commentary.

At the tail end of the hour long keynote address, Steve Jobs reveals the newest Macbook, the Macbook Air. Touted as the thinest Laptop in the world, it is certainly impressive to look at. However, once past that, things start to get a little drab.

Aside from the rather puny processor, and lack of external ports (only 1 USB), and lack of HDD space, it is really not a great machine. Oh, I would not say no if I was presented with one, but I would certainly not spend $1800 just for the novelty of putting my precious mac into an envelope.

You can get the news and highlights and video on these other sites. Apples newest creation can be found here if you want to check it out.

Personally, though, I won’t be pining for this one. Mostly because my Macbook Pro totally kicks that ones ass. The Time Capsule, on the other hand, I would take in a heartbeat (right after I upgrade to Leopard that is).


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