Locked, cocked, and ready to rock!

The times I play paintball with my friends are always happy times. Somewhat scary if you make Jesse mad, but usually fun. The best was last 4th of July. My friend hosted a shindig at his property and of course someone shot someone else and then out of nowhere paint ball weapons, Spyders mostly and some Tippmans, we’re produced from thin air and then it was on.

Of course, i forgot my safety gear (go me). Despite the fun, I had quite the collection of welts which my wife was only too happy to poke at in regular intervals. So after that I searched a bit and come across a paintball supplies site selling all the major brands and more.

I priced out some new gear and was quite happy with what I found. The set I found had a ton of stuff including mask, spare tubes, a belt pouch to hold it all, and a wicked looking Spyder Pilot ACS. I don’t want to say the price since it might change but it was well under $200 and definitely worth it.

OK. Im off to shoot my friends (with paint that is). I picked up some really nice florescent pink they would look great in. :)


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