The Day After

So another Christmas has come and gone. The presents are delivered and, hopefully, accepted as satisfactory, and the after effects of some of the more jovial holiday spirits is wearing off with the aid of some aspirin.

This christmas was a pretty good time for my family. My side of the family didn’t do too much celebrating as its just not something that we do. My mom gave the grandchidren presents and it was a very good time. Past that though it was not so much in the way of celebration.

My wifes side of the family couldn’t be more opposite though. This year, we hosted the holiday shenanigans at our house which was a very carefully planned event as we have a small place. But much fun was had and presents abounded in a pleasant and fun time.

My favorite gifts received this year was from my wife who got me a great new coffee travel mug and my very own Dignation tshirt from Jinx. I know that some would be only mildly excited at such gifts, but for me it was totally great. The mug I cold use (which I am doing so at this moment) and the diggnation shirt was something that I wanted. Its cool because while my wife is not even close to the level of geek I am it is heart warming that she recognizes and accepts that part of me. And as if I couldn’t be happier about it, she is also going to get me the Orange Box from Valve so I will be killing off combine soldiers and portal-ing through walls soon. (Rock)

My kids also had a great time and really loved the stuff they got. I was pleased to see that they had more fun playing with their cousins instead of comparing toys as some children tend to do. Perhaps they will yet escape the consumerist bug that seems to stagnate the holiday season.

I hope that your holiday was as good as you had hoped. For now, though, its time for work.


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