Oh Christmas tree

Sorry for the lack of updates but its been crazy busy at work.

In the midst of the confusion, my family and I went out and got our christmas tree. It is by far the largest we have gotten yet at 7 feet. Not the largest on the planet, but in an apartment, this is not a small tree.

At this time we put it up and unbaled it but have yet to decorate it as its a bit hectic around here still. The house smells like evergreen though so its a nice change from the usual stench of hours-old breakfast and desperation (thats another story though).

The weird think is that I am not so much liking the tree at the moment. See, whenever I come downstairs, I see the tree out of the corner of my eye down the hall and my brain immediatley thinks there is someone in the house.  The tree is not human shaped at all, but its still a bit disturbing as it happens everytime I leave the office.

Perhaps I’ll just work in bed or something. I have a laptop so it doesnt matter really where I work. I just want to avoid having to explain to the kids why daddy repeatedly shot the Christmas tree with a 12 gauge (yes, it sometimes surprizes me that much).


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