More Dental Woes

So I have yet another dentist appointment today, but this time its for extractions. 3 of them. It seems that, despite my best efforts and the careful ministrations of my oral hygienist, there are some teeth that cannot be saved.


If I can I’ll save the teeth and post a pic. Perhaps it will convince some of you (and you know who you are) to take better care of your chompers.

At the very least it will serve me as a reminder to get in touch with the tooth fairy to renegotiate the whole quarter-per-tooth malarkey. I’m thinking a fiver per is a good starting point. :)



They didn’t let me keep the teeth. They said it was a biohazard. Yes, like if my teeth had ebola in them or something type of biohazard. At least a got a vicodin script, but those always make me loopy and paranoid. Well see what happens.

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