Zombies? Really?

I know as much as the next guy that, eventually, there will be a zombie attack. Its really just a matter of time.

Of course, we all keep saying that but have you looked around recently? There have been more and more stories about zombies and zombie related happenings in the news latley.

Did you hear about the zombie figures they found on 3000 year old Egyptian hieroglyphs?

How about the guy who created the first (in my opinion) marketable zombie survival kit?

Have you seen Resident Evil 3?

The onslaught is coming. You, me, we’re all going to be fighting for our lives in a desperate struggle to get away from the undead masses and reach… where ever the characters reach at the end of the games and movies and comics.

Grab your shotguns, machetes, sticks of dynamite, and get ready. Cause they may be behind you right now.


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