Shameless traffic generation

And now folks its time for some fun fun web traffic generating. In this segment, I shamelessly mention a bunch of buzz words that are sure to get a lot of traffic. How many can I fit into one paragraph? Lets find out

“Ron Paul commented on Waterboarding and Christina Aguileras baby Boobs while generating $5 million in donations. When asked about his Web Traffic Generating Secrets, a Super Mario Galaxy proponent said ‘Don’t harp on Britney Spears or I’ll smack you with my Nintendo Wii nunchuck. Meanwhile, Condi Rice assured us the Failing Dollar and Apple are in great shape for the 2008 Olympics.”

So how many was that? 12? I suppose thats good enough. If you got a better one leave a comment.


P.S. – Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Kittens. (had to get that last bit in there).

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