Rocketing to hell

More and more stories are popping up regarding what could be known later as the downfall of the USA. Articles on the failing of the dollar, failures of our leaders, and ridiculous steps people are taking to ensure public safety are some of the more prominent ones.  All this is telling me that a revolution is coming; and it isn’t going to be pretty.

I was, and still am to a point, proud to be an American. But the acts of our leaders and the mockery of our allies, not to mention what must be outright laughter of our adversaries, has really shaken what little faith I have left in our government.  The fact that some are going before congress asking for the head of Cheney, for none other than high crimes against the people, is just the latest indicator that something very, very bad is going to happen in this country. But it won’t come from outside; it will come from within.

Whether it will be in the form of an awakening, a revolution, or, quite possibly, an armed revolt of the people is still uncertain. I would hope that it is more of an awakening than anything else. If an armed revolt were to happen, it would be very bad for the government as, being the most armed country on the planet, private citizens with weapons greatly outweighs the police and armed forces combined (somewhere around 80 million).

On a more cheerful note, I believe that things will get straightened out in a (mostly) peaceful manner. A couple of impeachments is a start, and a good one, but lets make sure that we don’t replace one bad apple with another.


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