Googles Android Phone

SO I just read all the press releases (well, most of them anyway) and it has been confirmed that Google is going to be puting a phone onto the market.

Their big pich for it: its open. No contract locks or fucked up service snafus. In fact, they will offer phones that come unlocked so you can take them to whatever carrier you wish.

The reason I’m really digging this is because their first contractors for service for thei new phone, called Android, will be Sprint and T-Mobile. As a Tmo customer, I think this is awesome. As a company, they couldn’t have made a smarter move.

Tmo and Sprint are the smalled service providers so it will bolster their numbers and also provide a decent enough test bed to hammer out the kinks before going with the larger AT&T. You can read the play-by-play from Engadget here.

They didn’t talk too much about what features the initial phone will have but it will probably have google apps bundled on it. I also think this will be a serious contender with the iPhone and its land-locked contracts with AT&T simply for the fact that it is open and can be used on a great variety of devices.

It will be an interesting thing to watch in the coming months, thats for sure.


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