Cool stuff from Vat19

I got a hold of some rather interesting products from a company called Vat19. At first I was a little curious about them as it was a somewhat off assortment of items.

Included in the package was a pencil, some make-your-own snow, and a DVD. Upon closer inspection these were not the typical incarnations of these ususally normal items.

Firstly, the Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencil smells. But not bad, mind. It smells like watermelons. My son was really interesting in this one because it smelled so much like candy so he got to play with this one. The second item, the Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder, was also intersting as I messed it up at first (only used half) but after adjusting to the correct amount of water, it was quite fun to play with and wold make a good decoration.

The last item, the Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD, was a looping variet of fireplace videos. Just pop it in your DVD player and you get a constant crakling fire (campfire, hearth fire, gas, etc) for your enjoyment. This would be good for those who do not have a fire place and want that classic Christmas feel in their homes. also has some other interesting items, such as Electronics Charging Station (which I haven’t checked out yet) which would make great holiday gifts and would make the recipients take pause as these things, as the site says, are curiously awesome little things.


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