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So today is (or was) Thanksgiving. And while America is the only country to celebrate this (and even then, not the whole of it) I can’t help but feel somewhat excited. Not for the wonderful dinners and time of family … Continue reading

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Cool stuff from Vat19

I got a hold of some rather interesting products from a company called Vat19. At first I was a little curious about them as it was a somewhat off assortment of items. Included in the package was a pencil, some … Continue reading

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Italians Vs Europeans

Just came across this via Digg video and thought to share some whitty hilarity with you.   Click to play video If you can’t see the video click this link : Italians Vs Europeans -Cheers

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Steampunk Lightsaber

This is just too cool not to share with as many people as I can. Im a fan of the Steampunk style and a fan of Star Wars, so when I came across this I just has to rave about … Continue reading

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Shameless traffic generation

And now folks its time for some fun fun web traffic generating. In this segment, I shamelessly mention a bunch of buzz words that are sure to get a lot of traffic. How many can I fit into one paragraph? … Continue reading

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Zombies? Really?

I know as much as the next guy that, eventually, there will be a zombie attack. Its really just a matter of time. Of course, we all keep saying that but have you looked around recently? There have been more … Continue reading

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Memory, sweet memory

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month. If you have not heard of it, then please, pay attention. If you have, then pay attention anyway. Alzheimer’s is a disease that primarily affects a persons brain. Basically, blood stops flowing to certain … Continue reading

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Rocketing to hell

More and more stories are popping up regarding what could be known later as the downfall of the USA. Articles on the failing of the dollar, failures of our leaders, and ridiculous steps people are taking to ensure public safety … Continue reading

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The Mist hits theaters soon

If anyone has read The Mist by Stephen King, then they could see how interesting this could be as a movie. The premise is that a scattered group of townsfolk are trapped in a super market when a mysterious mist … Continue reading

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Googles Android Phone

SO I just read all the press releases (well, most of them anyway) and it has been confirmed that Google is going to be puting a phone onto the market. Their big pich for it: its open. No contract locks … Continue reading

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