Skateboard Accessories?

I am seeing more and more on the streets people carrying around skateboards. At first I thought “Cool. The more skaters the better.”

But upon closer inspection I found that they weren’t actually doing anything other than walking around with them. This got me a bit confused so I watched a group of them while at the local Starbucks (which should have been my first clue). The entire time they sat there with their boards close at hand. They didn’t ride them or do any tricks, just sat there. Then when they got up to leave, they didn’t ride away as I was expecting. They walked.

No mind, there was no posted “Skateboarding Prohibited” signs in evidence. So I can only surmise that they were not actually skateboarders. They were pretending to be just because it make them look cool. This was also confirmed by their choice of clothing. Very high-dollar threads that no one in their right mind would want to get ruined by failing at a trick.

My question about this is when did it become a fashion accessorie to carry around a skateboard? It is almost useless to them just carrying it around so why do it? For the chicks? No, as they were a group of guys and the girls were wrapped up in their own stuff. So if not to get chicks, then why?

Its sad, in my opinion, that a noble sport (yes, it is noble) such as skateboarding has fallen from something that was once considered “punk” to now be considered “hip”.

I mean you don’t see people walking around with snowboards or fencing blades, do you?

As one who use to skate religiously, I can only hope that this is a phase in fashion. If not, then I can only assume that this ridiculous trend will continue and those who participate in it will fall by the wayside when they finally realize that looking the part is not enough.


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