Mac OS X Leopard

So it happened that I was in the Apple store in Bridgeport Village when they were rolling out the latest and greatest version of Apples new OS. I was there to help out a friend but I was quite taken with Leopard once I got to playing with it.

For instance, the Time Machine is nothing short of spectacular. You can save a file, make changes to it, and still recover an original version that is weeks old at the click of a button. Also, the nifty scrolling features in the Finder and the fact you can preview files without actually opening them is really impressive. Also, from what my boss said, it takes full advantage of the Intel chips power so everything is just plain faster.

I haven’t gotten my copy yet but am planning on obtaining it (leagally, mind you) soon. I almost had one of the Apple store blokes convinced to give me one off the shelf for free but it didn’t pan out (bummer).

Despite the fact that everyone is toting this is as the great OS to date, there are still some that are having problems. Reports of BSODs on the Apple support forums got me worried a bit, but the fix was as simpel as booting to DVD and selecting “Archive and Update”.

If you have any great stories (either good or bad) leave a comment. Once I get my copy Ill let you know how it goes.


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