Mac for ME!

Yes friends and enemies, I have myself a brand new top-o-the-line Mac Book Pro, courtesy of my super fabulous boss and super-rific boss’s boss.

Its a strange feeling though. It took about 5 minutes to set up everything and I was off and running soon after installing apps (Firefox is a must as well as Skype and Paralells) and the whole while I am thinking “this is so easy and it works”. I am even still amazed since I got it home and started copying over info (ok, its mostly music) as I can still do tasks like write posts and not have any problems. No slow downs or lag (sweet).

Im still getting used to all of the new functions and such but its becoming easier the more I use it. Ill post pictures of my new uber mac as soon as I find the USB cable to my camera (not the built in one, my camera camera).

Oh, and to those people who contributed funds to the “get Paul a Macbook Pro” fund, I will be issuing you a refund soon.

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