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Useless Term

I recently read a press release about a company I thought was quite good. “Thought” being the operative word. In it, they said they wanted to”spread their services to all corners of the globe”. Now normally since we hear this … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Leopard

So it happened that I was in the Apple store in Bridgeport Village when they were rolling out the latest and greatest version of Apples new OS. I was there to help out a friend but I was quite taken … Continue reading

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Stuff I want in my house: metal cabinets

Now I normally don’t succumb to the outside pressure of “this is what is manly and you are a man to have it” type of crap, but this really caught my eye as it goes with what I want in … Continue reading

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The future of the music industry

I just finished reading this really great article about where the music industry is headed and I have got to share it with everyone. When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of … Continue reading

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Skateboard Accessories?

I am seeing more and more on the streets people carrying around skateboards. At first I thought “Cool. The more skaters the better.” But upon closer inspection I found that they weren’t actually doing anything other than walking around with … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Do they call it french toast in France? Do they call them belgium waffles in Belgium? Is it just ‘food’ in China? What if Americo Vespuce (map maker on Columbus’s voyage) was named Bob? United States of Bob? Has sort … Continue reading

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Migraines and Milestones

More about migraines than anything else but the title sounded good. I have had these blasted things for a great many years and although I have tried just about every cure, none of them has really helped. Even the prescription … Continue reading

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Tshirt Knowledge

I went to Starbucks for my weekly dose of superficial culture and I saw something that I was not really expecting. It was a shirt. Now, I know most people wear shirts when they go out, but this one said … Continue reading

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Wealth through investing

After being somewhat reemed on the cost of my dentist appointment, I was looking at some means of alternative incomes (unfortunately the local nudie bar wasn’t hiring) when I came across a seminar in New York City called the Wealth … Continue reading

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Tooth fairy my butt

I went to the dentist today to get a couple of cavities filled. I thought it would be a simple ‘drill and fill’ but it was more like a ‘gouge and paste’ kind of affair. Evidently the tooth was so … Continue reading

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