The virtual office hath cometh – And is affordable to boot

In the current technological station of the standard office, you will find a great many things common to all offices everywhere in the world.

Phone, fax, computer, cells, all of these things are standard scenery in a modern office. It all boils down to communication. That is the prime thing, numero uno must have for any business. With out it, you are sitting in a room with nothing to do (and certainly not making any money).

So since communication is such an integral part of work, why choose to live in the past? Of course I am reffering to VoIP technology such as Skype and GoogleTalk. Well there is another company offering small business phone systems all run over the internet.

Packet 8 Internet Phone Service offers a whole wide range of products for just about every size business. My personal favorite (and one I would implement had I the need) would be the extensible IVR system so I could have callers help themselves versus me being on the phone all day. And at about $50 a month, it would be a real steal of a deal (ok, that sounded way too salesman-ish).

They have far too many services to list out here, so just check out their site to get more details. Who knows, perhaps an answer to your communication problem awaits.

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