The sad state of our country

Its quite sad. 10 years ago we seemed to be quite a decent country. But nowadays more and more news articles come out describing events and happenings that I would not have believed possible in this country.

Heres a quick list just from today:

  • 1000 people issue a citizens arrest on Pres. Bush
  • A high school girl has her wrist broken by a security guard for dropping cake
  • Bush caught lying about 9/11 (with video)
  • Chicago cops are investigated for 5000 incidents of abuse
  • High school student suspended for wearing John Edwards tshirt.
  • Religious group get $100k to improve science with creationism views

The headlines were enough to make me gag, but actually reading the articles made me rather revolted. I am not even sure, from reading the articles among other sources, what the hell is even going on in this country. All I can see is a lot of our countries allies are pissed and our enemies are laughing. Our citizens are angered and our politicians are deaf.

About the only good thing to come out of the news today s a rather good article from the Consumerist about how to properly write to congress and say your piece.

I think I’ll do just that now. Here is the Consumerist article if you are interested.


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