Quiting Smoking: A Practial Guide – Part 3

Here is the next tid bit of wisdom for all of you trying to kick the habit.

One of the things about quiting smoking (that is actually true) is that you will most likely gain weight. This is not a side effect of quitting, but you are trying to replace the oral fixation with something else  and eating is the most readily available and easiest thing to replace it.

Tip 3: Eat and Move

Eating more is not, on the whole a bad thing. In fact, I encourage it. Eat what you wish when you wish. But also, move a bit more than you used to. Since you will be on a semi-rampage (nic-fits) searching for something to do, you might as well do something your body could use.

I started running more and working out. This is something anyone can do. If at the most you just start by taking long walks and working into running/jogging, then that is great also. Running is free (you can run anywhere on the streets) and one of the best workouts you can get.

So in short, eat what you want, go out for a walk or a run, and I promise you will feel better for it .Unless you run past a group of smokers. Then you have every right to roll your eyes and give them the disgusted looks you yourself used to get.

Then just keep on running.


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