More SEO Goodness

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more on SEO, I come up with something out of my hat. Well, it didn’t really come out of my hat, but SubmitASite does work a bit like magic. As an SEO services company, they of course focus on increasing search engine placement. How they do this is, well, a bit beyond me at this point but they are a professional search engine placement company so I would assume they have their own secret formula.

I have tried to do my own SEO in the past with little success but these offer genuinely successful search engine placement services that pale to anything I used to do. Their most interesting to me is their link building service to get your name out to higher rated site. If I had the dosh I would try it out but your company might benefit so go bug your boss right now for that increase in the budget. You might even get a raise just for suggesting SubmitAWebsite.

What have you got to lose (except that lousy PR)?


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