Live in the Two

Since I’m all about the online tests I took one for self improvement just to see what it would say. I came across one put out by Live In The Two which looked decent (and short, took about 5 minutes) and was a little intrigued by what it said. Here are some of the juicier bits for you:

Discipline: My schedule is a disaster. I procrastinate and don’t plan.

Passion: I couldn’t paraphrase this, so I’ll just paste of whole – “While you are capable of being the motivator of a group, you struggle with finding that one thing that really “lights your fire.” Sometimes it feels as if you’re biding your time until the right goal presents itself – but in the meanwhile, you wait.” – take from it what you will.

Risks: It says I don’t take them. Which is true because I have kids. That and risks have tended to be not so much a good thing for me.

Optimism: I have none. Im a total party pooper.

The sites test isnt really designed to make you be more succesful but more to make you aware of yourself a bit more than you likely are so that you can be in the wonderful top 2% of the successful (hence the name of their site). Wether this info I got will be helpful or not, only time will tell, but in the meantime I have some “looking in” to do it seems.

Go ahead and give them a try and see if they throw anything interesting or helpful your way.


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