Economy in dire straights

OK. I’ll admit it. I have no solid idea about how the US great depression came about. I think I was sleeping in economics or history (or both) and missed that bit. Sad? Definitely. Which is probably what lead to the current problems this country now faces with its failing economy.

Not me specifically, mind you. But most of the country doesn’t seem to know what the problem is with the Canadian dollar surpassing the value of an American dollar. I certainly am not too aware of the implications. All I know is that everyone is saying that the next great depression is right around the corner, but no one is saying whats causing it. So I had to go and look up the cause myself.

The links below are just some info I have found related to the current economic shit storm we are now in the full swing of. If you find them helpful, or think one should be added to the list, let me know.

Cause of the Great Depression

Cause of Deflation – Here and Here

Current Economic Troubles – Here and Here

As usual, if anyone has any light to shed on this info, please let me know.


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