Conduct your own surveys

Ever wanted to know if you readers prefer pics of you in a red shirt or a blue one? Well, perhaps not, but there are some uses for surveys other than raggin on your latest fashion faux pau. Which brings me to my latest find.

I came across a site offering online surveys and web surveys and thought “this is cool”, so I am sharing it with you (don’t you feel special now).

Vovici offers products for surveys, communities, feedback, and a couple of other things, but the surveys were what interested me the most as I am trying to implement a survey system on a clients site. The service is pretty easy to use and they even have handy import features for Word docs and a killer tracking system so you can see what the haps is on your survey in an instant.

You can do a lot more stuff with it (the list of features is 2 pages long at least) so you can just check out Vovici on your own.

Remember them if you ever have a poll asking which hair color looks best, blue or pink. The survey will be easy; the responses you may get, however, may sting a bit.


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