Animation blast from the past

We just got a 3 disc set from Target of the Duck Tales cartoon. It was just in a random place on the shelf and my wife and I were almost racing to grab it once we saw it.

From our youths, and the youths of most late-20 somethings, Duck Tales was quite an enjoyable show what with the antics Scrooge and the gang get into. That and Tailspin I think did more to keep me sane through elementary school than the child shrinks I sometimes made nervous.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it in your local general purpose mega store, you can check it out on Amazon. Also while I was searching, I found DVDs for Tailspin, Chip n Dales Rescue Rangers, and Darkwing Duck. Now all I need is a couple hundred buck to buy them all and I’ll be reliving my childhood till doomsday.

Besides, watching these is infinitely better than watching most of the stuff on Cartoon Network or Disney nowadays. With the exception of Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, both those creative companies have gone to shit in the last few years. I mean, come on, who would watch a show called “My Gym Partners A Monkey”? Who would name a show that?

Do yourself a favor if you are fan of the great brand of animation we grew up with; go out, get the DVDs, and kill the cable. Don’t let you kids be exposed to such poor quality.

Oh, and you can get Fosters through iTunes. That one is good for anyone of any age to watch.


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