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The sad state of our country

Its quite sad. 10 years ago we seemed to be quite a decent country. But nowadays more and more news articles come out describing events and happenings that I would not have believed possible in this country. Heres a quick … Continue reading

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Racism is dumb

I just don’t understand racism. I mean, there are people I don’t like, even whole groups of folks; but it’s not because their genetic disposition for skin pigmentation (its mostly because their assholes, pure and simple). I heard on the … Continue reading

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Economy in dire straights

OK. I’ll admit it. I have no solid idea about how the US great depression came about. I think I was sleeping in economics or history (or both) and missed that bit. Sad? Definitely. Which is probably what lead to … Continue reading

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Etch-A-Sketch Artist

I just came across this story on digg about an etch-a-sketch artist. At first I was like “how good could it be?” until I actually got to the site. The first one I saw was an image of Bioshock … Continue reading

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Conduct your own surveys

Ever wanted to know if you readers prefer pics of you in a red shirt or a blue one? Well, perhaps not, but there are some uses for surveys other than raggin on your latest fashion faux pau. Which brings … Continue reading

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You ever have those days where its not exactly like you are depressed all day, but you just don’t have the will to do anything at all? You get up and do your stuff, of course, but your heart just … Continue reading

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Animation blast from the past

We just got a 3 disc set from Target of the Duck Tales cartoon. It was just in a random place on the shelf and my wife and I were almost racing to grab it once we saw it. From … Continue reading

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Bit backed up

No, I’m not referring to the recent posts on data recovery I’ve written. This is more towards workload. It seems I have reached my limit as I have absolutely no more room in my brain to keep track of all … Continue reading

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The virtual office hath cometh – And is affordable to boot

In the current technological station of the standard office, you will find a great many things common to all offices everywhere in the world. Phone, fax, computer, cells, all of these things are standard scenery in a modern office. It … Continue reading

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Peggle for your thoughts…

OK. My wife and I are a little crazy about a game called Peggle. All you do is shoot balls down a peg board and just clear all the orange ones. Thats it. But we really have fun playing it … Continue reading

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