Time of your life

As I am now firmly in my late 20’s, I thought it about time to re-examine my life and see where I am compared to where I want to be.

For better or worse, this took about 10 minutes (which is the amount of time it takes me to walk to the nearest all0night Starbucks; go figure).

Anyways, I thought about what I have in life and what I lack. I have, in no particular order, my (mostly) perfect kids, what most would consider a trophy wife, a job I love (usually), and a sense of internal satisfaction.

When I examined what I lack, I found that the only thing missing is winning the lottery. My wife said, strangely, that this will happen very soon as she has a “special feeling” about this ticket which is totally different than the other special feelings on the last 50 or so tickets.

So, from where I thought I would be, I can firmly say that I will never be an astronaut, my rock star dreams were really just dreams, and being a ninja in todays world is just plain not practical. I can also say, with equal firmness, that I am perfectly fine with that.

Can you say that same?


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