Thats it! I’m going Mac!

In the latest fun fun things my XP system has been doing, today it decided to disconnect all of my access to any form of network. That means no home network, no wireless, no direct cable connections. This, as you can imagine is not good (currently I’m ranting using my laptop and a neighbors wifi). There something wrong with a network bridge that I didnt setup in the first place but I am well past the point of caring about that.

So, I am now making it my mission to get a Macbook Pro that has every pimped out spec I can manage. I want it to replace my desktop so I am going for the 17″ widescreen job and as much power as I can squeeze into it (or at least as much as I can afford).

Why switch you ask? Well, if you are asking why then you are obviously a Windows user. But the reason is that I am just fed up with Windows and since XP is being pushed aside for Vista I feel that its just time to make the move. Besides, with Parallels I can still get XP so I would have the best of both worlds.

If you would like to help out in the “Get Paul a Macbook Pro” fund (and I’m talking to all of you Mac users out there) please drop me a line. Maybe Ill set up a donation thing through Paypal if enough people wish to help me get free of the MS beast.


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