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Disaster awaits, but its not a huge deal

For most of us I’m sure a disaster would be a rather large deal. I mean, how many types of disasters are there? And any one of them (barring an volcanic eruption for those of us not near a fault … Continue reading

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Life Without Television

A coworker of my wifes commented once on a show he saw the previous night. My wife listened and went about her work and when he asked her a question about it, she responded “We dont have a TV”. Her … Continue reading

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Merchant Accounts redux

This is the latest example of the “just missed it” form of luck I seem to be having lately. You see, over the last week I have decided (with some discussion with my partner in cyber-crime) to dissolve our hosting … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 7

At the time of this writing, Friday 9:15 pm, I am sitting in Barnes and Noble waiting for 11:15 to come around so I can purchase my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. The crowd here is, to … Continue reading

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Moving Help (better late than never)

A few days after pain stakingly moving our belongings into our new apartment, I find these guys: I mean, its just my luck that I find a company to help me move (or move my crap completely with no … Continue reading

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All moved in

OK. After a fairly painful day of moving, we finally got everything inside. I dont know what was worse; hauling everything up 3 flights of stairs, or the fire brigade that held us up an hour. Seems someone who lived … Continue reading

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I hate moving

OK. Maybe I don’t really hate it, but it is a terrible bother. I don’t mind moving into a better place. The new place we have has room for all 4 of us, plus a little office mezzanine thing for … Continue reading

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Its… Alive!

Yes, thats right kids, its Alive. And if you are reading this and don’t know what I am referencing, then shame on you. I am speaking not of a hideous creation of Dr. Frankenstein, but of the Alive Web Directory; … Continue reading

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Citi Financial woes

Does anyone out there use Citi Financial for their personal or car loans? If so, do you like them? Are they on top of your account? My problem with them is mostly that I cannot for the life of me … Continue reading

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Transformers Movie: Really is more than meets the eye

I went with my brother in law and his son (my kid didn’t want to go) to see the Transformers movie today. Ho. Ly. Shit. I was really expecting that they would fuck up a lot of the story with … Continue reading

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