JS Development Made easy

The more I work with the Prototype and Scriptaculous library, the more I like programming. For instance, we have a fairly decent size (for me) project for a client who wants a nifty front end for their project manager. Using the prototype framework made everything so much easier that I was almost ashamed I didnt jump on the bandwagon earlier. And the whole thing is set up so that I wouldn’t even have to submit the forms (the forms are targeted to a JS call)  except for that it has to work with the companies CMS.

Even though I like it a lot it still a learning project. I’m a little peeved that its taken me this long to get the project this far but at least next time it will be easier (and since I can just copy the code, dev time would be a fraction).

OK. Have to finish this stuff now as the project is like a week late.


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