Better than I thought

I’ve been using the Nike+ running gear for about a month now. Of course, I just plugged it in and started running and only recently checked the manual. Did you know that you have to calibrate it before you start running?

I didn’t! So I ran on the treadmill (since you need a set distance to mark from) to calibrate the walk and run. After a couple of quick 400m rounds, I was all calibrated. Then I went for a 3k run and discovered that I am acutally doing it faster than I was on my un-calibrated. I was off by about 40m/km, or for those non math people, every kilometer was 40 meters longer in reality. This may not sound like much, but in a 10k run, this can add up.

So the lesson for this weekend is this: Always read the manual no matter what you get. Twice. Then do it again just to make sure.


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