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Better than I thought

I’ve been using the Nike+ running gear for about a month now. Of course, I just plugged it in and started running and only recently checked the manual. Did you know that you have to calibrate it before you start … Continue reading

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Bush approval at 28%

 I am simply amazed that these 2 are still in the white house. The last poll I read said that they approval rating was at or around 35%. If everyone really dislikes what they are doing, how come more people … Continue reading

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FedEx API woes resovled (finally)

For those who have asked me, and those who have commiserated with me on the difficulties of dealing with FedEx’s shipping API, I have some wonderful news. FedEx, when using their Direct XML transaction methods to ping their service, returns … Continue reading

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Fear the drill

I am very, very afraid of the dentist. I know that I’m not alone in this feeling but its has been years since I have been and I know that there are many bad things that are going to have … Continue reading

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Holy Freaky Testfreaks

In the arena of the somewhat out there interesting things, I came across Testfreaks in my wanderings when when looking at digital camera reviews. From what I can tell it looks pretty interesting. If you search around for something, or … Continue reading

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Countdown to Harry Potter

Just picked this up from Leaky Cauldron, for those of us who are anxiously awaiting the new (and last) book and new movie.

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Learning on the job

Its not a question of “can you”, but more a question of “when can you”. I’m sure that most people would agree that having a job that you can continue learning on is a very good thing. Also, most people … Continue reading

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Milk does a body bad

This I had to find out the hard way. And not only that, I had to find out over and over before it finally sunk in. Usually in the evenings, instead of coffee, I have some chocolate milk (I like … Continue reading

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Broke my bow

I have been working on a flat bow (for archery) for about 2 months now. Not 2 months solid, mind, but a few hours on the weekends. All told I had about 14 hours into it. Now here is the … Continue reading

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A place to hang my hat

My wife and I are searching around for homes as our deadline is approaching faster then we realized. We wanted to be in a house before our son started school (he just turned 5 and will be in Kindergarten this … Continue reading

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